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Mushroom Production Consultant Nikodem Sakson has been offering his services since 1994. He actively participates in the transformation of the Polish mushroom growing industry, which has placed Poland in the position of Europe’s largest mushroom producer and the largest exporter of mushrooms to fresh markets throughout the world. As a consultant I distinguish myself from others through reliable knowledge on Phase I base production using straw and chicken manure under varying climatic conditions, a comprehensive approach to the prevention of losses caused by mushroom diseases and pests, and the design and organization of major mushroom production closed cycle and large area facilities. I am the author of four books (on producing mushrooms, compost, and green moulds) and more than 100 articles and brochures. I have conducted hundreds of trainings and over 17 years my clients have been or are all of Poland’s major companies in the production and service industries.

I invite you to benefit from the experiences of a country where mushroom production is flourishing based on its own raw materials and production solutions.


Consulting on solving current problems in:

1.1. Compost production

2.2. Casing production

3.3. Mushroom production

4.4. Mushroom protection

Innovation Implementation. New technologies require professional implementation. These include: selective mushroom gathering; compost production based on controlling the composting process flow; protection of mushrooms against diseases with the use of products containing oxidants; outgrowth of substrate in boxes outside mushroom growing facilities, etc.

Consultations for companies that produce compost, casings, and mushrooms, as well as produce and sell mycelium, machinery, and equipment, means for protecting mushrooms, and conducting mushroom sales and processing.

Training in the production of compost and mushrooms

Designing of new facilities and upgrading existing ones:

1.1. Companies that produce mushrooms in a closed cycle; composting plants; casing manufacturers; mushroom growing facilities; distribution centres.
2.2. Compost yards
3.3. Large-scale mushroom growing facilities

Analysis of the situation in the mushroom production trade and its development trends

Publications on specific topics related to mushroom production (also on our own Web site designed for Polish audiences)

Opinions and expertise related to compost production, covers, mushrooms, mycelium, mushroom protection

Fees are determined based on a negotiated daily rate and take into consideration other costs like transportation, accommodation, and materials

Dr. Eng. Nikodem Sakson